Before And After A Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction should always be done by a qualified and licensed dentist. So, if loose, never attempt to yank said tooth of own accord. You will end up doing more damage than is warranted. Before the dentist does any tooth extraction work, he will first do the obligatory dental exam. And once the tooth extraction has been completed, tooth extraction aftercare grandville consultations would still be required.

Before the tooth extraction commences, the dentist would be utilizing an X-ray or digital impression to view the affected tooth should it not be visible from the front of the mouth. Even so, should the affected tooth be visible from the front of the mouth, the dentist would still want to do a close inspection. If the tooth is loose it will almost certainly have to be removed. But if not, there is every possibility that the dentist could restore the health of the affected tooth to a condition it was in prior to being affected by bacteria and the subsequent tooth decay.

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If the damage is minor, then just a tooth filling should suffice. It is usually unseen to the naked eye. And in everyday use, through actions of talking and speaking, it is hardly felt as well. It is usually not affected by regular brushing and flossing. But over a considerable period of time, a couple of years at the minimum, the tooth filling could wear down. And it is at that point that the dentist would merely have to replace it with another filling.

Assuming too of course, that the affected tooth has not experienced any further damage or decay. Aftercare is essential after the tooth extraction is done. Foremost here will be the insertion of a partial denture or implant.