Can Ticks Transmit Disease?

Yes, ticks transmit disease to human hosts, but this isn’t to say that every tick you see carries a disease or a virus. Many ticks do carry disease and viruses, however, so it is essential to be proactive about protection. Lyme disease is the most common disease that a tick transmits to a human, but there are other diseases as well. Since most of us have no way to know which ticks carry disease and which do not, you should take all appropriate measures to keep them away from your property.

Contrary to popular belief, ticks are found in lawns and parks, not only in wooded areas. This means that your backyard could very well harbor this parasite, ready to jump on you or your pets and make you its next meal. This leaves you and the pets at risk of these diseases. What can you do to prevent tick problems? Preventing tick trouble really isn’t as hard as it might seem.

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Call upon a professional for the best prevention against ticks. They offer a plethora of tick prevention anchorage options to suit the needs of each homeowner, giving them relief from the worry and wonder that ticks create. The cost to hire a professional to keep ticks off your property varies but it is cost-effective and a far better option than dealing with this pest all season long.

You can take other measures to stay safe against ticks in addition to picking up the phone to schedule pest control service. For example, make sure the hedges and shrubbery is kept trimmed and that you cut the grass on a regular basis. Ticks hide in any type of tall grass or weed. Keep it trimmed and you eliminate their hiding spots. Take defense against ticks!